CMV spa offer to customers all its experience as constructors and as assemblers for the
realization to Client drawings of:

  • light and medium weight machine metalwork (20 t /pcs), finished or unfinished,
  • finished mechanical machines parts and assembled mechanical groups ,
  • machines complete with on-board electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic, grease or air/fluid
  • lubrication systems: these are generally milling cages with seals, splitting shears for strips, off-cut shears for rods, milling machines, reels, strengtheners, reducers to non standard designs. 

CMV spa work constantly in the reconditioning for iron & steelwork machineryproviding if requested by customers modifications both structural and functional in order to eliminate original design defects, and consisting of milling stand with seals, shears for strips and rods, milling machines, reels, hydraulic pipe testers, long item supports, drags, support guides, non standard reducers. Functional tests are arranged in the workshop for every machine constructed or reconditioned.

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