Machinery construction according to client drawings

CMV spa products are always designed to satisfy specific needs, and are supplied complete with hydraulic units, arrays of hydraulic or pneumatic valves, electrical boxes in LOW and MEDIUM VOLTAGE, PLC, SUPERVISION SYSTEMS. The design and construction standards are suitable for the iron & steelwork sector (continuous operation).

If a customer prefers, CMV spa will supply only the mechanical parts complete with on-board systems.


  • flat hot straightening machines
  • rod and round bar quenching and hardening (tempcore)
  • 200-300 bar water descaling machines for slabs, plates, billets
  • brush and tool burring machines 
  • pipe facing machines, tool bevelling machines
  • shearing machines (start / stop, layers)
  • strip and plate centring systems
  • strip bording machines and scrap shears
  • packing machines for bars, flats, and profiles
  • fast change milling cages
  • milling cylinder seal output / input carriages
  • seal tilters
  • TRIO reducers for milling cages
  • spindle holder
  • automatic pickling systems for pipes and long items
  • process and fiscal weighing scales


  • loading grids for billets, rods, slabs
  • billet and slab furnace charging and discharging machines
  • cooling beds for billets, rods, profiles, flats
  • roller conveyors for all products
  • straightening process loading and unloading tables for long products
  • aerial manipulators and transfers
  • walking beams for billets, rods, pipes, coils
  • chain horizontally and vertically transfers
  • lever and rotating arm transfers for billet, pipes, layers, or bundles
  • pinch–roll and fast roller drags
  • alignment stops for fine cuttingof ends, and intermediate
  • non destructive test lines for pipes and bars
  • packing machines for rods, flats, profiles, and plate
  • transfer belts for packed bundles of rods and flats
  • coils transport and handling lines
  • coil packing lines
  • coils tilters, walking beams, cars, chain conveyors

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